The greatest joys and pleasure are found in the simplest and most inexpensive of activities.

Laughing with friends, hearing about your children's day or sharing a simple meal with your family.

Don't get me wrong, I'm rather partial to Stevie's lavish experience gifts that involve planes, trains, automobiles, private jets and helicopters. These bring joy in the form of wonderful lifelong memories.

It is a gift I have been given to realise that simple things are precious. It also brings the realisation that aspects of your personality that you thought were a failing, such as not being terribly good at small talk, are just symptomatic of knowing you could be engaged in richer and more fulfilling activities.

Another gift I have been given is to seize the day and not worry or complain about insignificant things.

I feel so very blessed by my husband and children. It brings me joy and a great sense of achievement that I have been able to give them a loving and happy home to grow up in.

Enjoy the journey, and treasure life's precious gifts, and importantly leave a good footprint.

None of us know how long we have. A gift that cancer has given me is the advantage of cherishing every moment that comes my way. I would love for everyone to enjoy life's simple pleasures and sometimes just stop and smell life's obvious roses.