An editorial apology

An editorial apology

Blogging is hard when you have a perfectionist personality.

I have published some of these stories, and some days later realised errors in content, whether grammatical or spelling, or in some cases negligently omitted details of the story that I think are critical, or failed to include quotes as originally planned. Ugh.

I pride myself on written communication, and being of perfectionist personality realising these kinds of errors after the fact does in fact boil my piss. I am sure the bulk of readers of each story in a blog frequented by a cohort of several hundred friends visit in the early hours of that story's life, so fixing things later does not really atone for my errors. The horse is bolted, and all that.


I do fix the stories, and then re-publish their content for posterity. Well, that and personal pride.

So if you have had an eye twitch over any of the content, I do sincerely apologise.

For, a team of me makes up creative, research, draft, editorial and publication teams, along with IT support, operations and architecture. It used to be that Judy would pull me up on a contradictory point, or a spelling oopsie, or publish her own brilliant flawless story, but due to her passing that is no more. So do please forgive my odd misdemeanour.

My very best, and I love you for being with me.