High tech water balloon impact detection, paired with darts, google eyes and an added personality? SplatBuddies!



The Anatomy of a SplatBuddy

The images above are remarkable when you think about it. The slow motion video below was captured at well over 2000 frames per second using my Chronos 2.1 camera, and the balloon ripping apart from impact only takes at most ten frames to get to the point where a speedlight needs to flash to capture the action in high quality (and qualify into the world of SplatBuddies!)

The speedlight triggering obviously needs to be automated, and you can read all about that at the SplatBuddies site.  I even share how I made the splat trigger used to capture these images.

Inspiration for the web site logo came from a failed splatting event, where the camera didn't fire late enough to catch the splatting action. Add in the first two successful splats, Kevin and Karen, and an epic font, and there it is.

Here's the original unedited failed splat image, with the back yard fence still slightly visible. This photograph was captured on day one, at very the birth of SplatBuddies while still getting the timing right.