Welcome to Map59

Welcome to Map59

Where an ordinary family used to live our own extraordinary story.

A long time ago, before the World Wide Web, Yahoo, Google and 'smart' phones popularised the inter-connectedness of all things that is the Internet, people used maps printed on paper, landmarks and compasses to know where they were and to get around.

In our part of the world, the good folks at Melway Publishing maintain a book of maps[1], which in the past were possessed, loved, refreshed often, and near universally stored in automobile glove boxes. Without it we were lost, and everybody had one.

I live on map 59 of that publication. An inner-East suburb of Melbourne, Australia that the late love of my life Judy and our cherished twin sons Seb and Al used to call home until recently.

Judy is gone, lost to breast cancer, and my sons have flown the coop to build their own families and find their own home.

So it's just me now.

  1. The map image here is reproduced with their kind permission. Copyright 2004 Melway Publishing. Reproduced from Edition 32, which is now an ancient artifact lost forever, somewhere in our shed. ↩︎